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Barolo 2008 Tasting in Piedmont

2008 Barolo

I’ve been a big fan of this vintage since I first tasted in April in London.  True that it is less consistent than 2007 and 2006 but it boasts a charming purity, balance and freshness.  The wines are medium weight and should drink earlier than the 2006 and 2004s.

We kept the range to 20 wines and I have rated them in * to ***** stars.   The 2 stars were the two Mascarellos, Giuseppe and Bartolo.

1 Brunate Marcarini

Lightish colour clean spice and fresh flowers closed a bit leafy. Fresh tight lively light to mid weight. Tangy bitter finish good


2 Brunate Marengo

Sweet mocha oak cinammon. Pure mid fruit good freshness much better on palate. Nice elegance


3 Cerequio Voerzio

Minty sweet dark fruit. Chewy tannins good depth of fruit and long warm finish. Too much.


4 Arborina Altare

Sweet charming cherry liqueur firm tannins v well made.  A bit ott tannins on finish driish.


5 Bartlo Mascarello

Bright minty candy fruit. Pure. More closed. Lovely balance intensity and class  finesse.


6 Cannubi San Lorenzo G Rinaldi

Full top class neb nose. Roses stone fruit. Spice. High toned fruit  exhuberant.  Great balance. Needs a long time.


7 Sarmassa Brezza

Touch Vegetal green. Very Tannic some fruit.. A brute. Decent finish. Angular.


8 Bric del Fiasc Scavino

Spicy dark fruit crushed flowers

Rustic tannins ok fruit warm finish not bad mot much grace or exitement.  Forgetable.


9 Rocche Vietti

Woodsy asian spice. Meaty. Good crunchy fruit and edgy tannins. Big fruit powerfull. Lacks emotions and subtlety.


10 Monprivato G Mascarello

Lighter colour.  Minty floral. Stylish Elegant fine powerful.  Tea leaves.   Fills the back of the palate great development of flavours and length. Excellent.


11 Bricco Boshis Cavalotto

Crunchy caramel brittle.  Very extracted dry tannins. Rotary fermenters have been introduced and these are overdone.  Not good.


12 Sori Ginestra Conterno Fantino

Intense minty ok. Spicy oak. Ok more elegance than normal. Soft smooth decent wine.  decent but not great Barolo for me.


13 Casa Mate Elio Grasso

Sweet forward cherry. Licorice. Heady, nice balance, tidy, very polished personality


14 Cicala A Conterno

Intensely sweet concentrated jam. Too much and OTT on all levels. No elegance high alcohol and ultra ripe fruit


15 Ciabot Mentin Ginestra Clerico

Muted faint start. Sweet figs. Oak.  Smoky toasty. Dry tannins lacking purity of flavour OTT.


16 Lazairasco Porro

Elegant floral nice pure fruit. Elegant fresh. Mid weight body good balance.  Very pleasant lighter Serralunga


17 Prapo Schiavenza

Dusty spicy sous bois ripe fruit.  Zesty good fruit. Lovely flavour and elegance a touch edgy finish.


18 Margheria Massolino

Star anise nose. Disturbing. Lovely uncomplicated. Balanced.


19 Ca mia Brovia

Sweet maraschino licorice.bright fresh fruit good development long.



20 Cascina Francia G Conterno

Huge broad brute cured meaty minerals ok linear lacking devlopment clumsy. Strange. Lacking focus.  Shortish finish. Bottle?



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