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My Wine of the Year 2013

Thankfully, I’ve been lucky to share some great bottles this year but the one that topped it all for me was at a lunch in November at my favourite haunt,  Zucca.  It’s a wine I’d had a 3 other occasions but this bottle was the best of the parcel.  It’s the Barolo Riserva 1958 Giuseppe Mascarello.

From the outside, the bottle was in perfect condition.  Label, level, colour and cork we all good so signs were promising.  On the previous 3 occasions the bottles looked pretty much the same and were all good to excellent in their own right but this fourth bottle has something magical.  The magic of this last bottle was the texture.  The colour was healthy and vibrant whilst the nose was spotless with crushed roses, red licorice and a touch of raw meat.  All great so far but the wine really blew me away in the mouth with the most brilliant silky texture.  The balance was perfect and it just seemed to caress every sector of my palate.  Glorious!!

There were several other cracking bottles to remember in 2013.  Although, I’m not a huge Champagne drinker, I had my two favourite bubblies ever this past year.  Dom Perignon 1990 and Krug Collection 1985. The DP is simply beautiful in it’s elegance and balance whilst the Krug was mind boggling in it’s sheer power and energy (but sadly matched by a heady price tag!).  Other highlights included Vega Sicilia Unico 1982, Barolo Brunate Riserva 1988 Giuseppe Rinaldi, Clos de Beze 1985 Bart and Montebello 1990 Ridge.

At the more everyday drinking level, I’ve really enjoyed the Chablis Mont de Millieu 2007 Billaud Simon, Cotes de Beaune Villages Rouge 2009 Fornerol and the l’Atzar 2011 from Mas la Mola in Priorat.

Looking forward to sharing and enjoying some fabulous bottles in 2014 with great friends and clients alike.

All our best wishes for the New Year




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