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Wine Cellar

Broking Service

Have wines to sell? Our broking service allows you to maximize your return as you get 90% of the sales price. We mutually agree a current market price for your wines and aim to sell them as quickly as possible and our commission is only 10%.

Find out more about selling your wine.

Wine Collecting

Wine Collecting is no longer just for the super wealthy and can be as much a lifestyle or a hobby. It certainly does not require underground cellars or a large investment but simply a passion for wine.

Here are a few reasons to consider starting a wine collection:

  • To guarantee having wines that are ready to drink. Most fine wines sold at wine merchants are new releases and will be at their peak drinking, in a few, or many years from now. By starting your collection you will have the option of drinking wines in their optimum drinking condition.
  • To have wines for an upcoming event or celebration. Whether this is for a 50th birthday party, your child's 21st, or the sealing of a great business deal, having a collection to draw upon is certain to enhance the occasion.
  • To ensure securing wines which simply won't be available to buy in the future or which will be significantly more expensive. Many top wines such as certain Bordeaux are released En Primeur and are sold before being bottled. Once they sell out they either become much more expensive or are impossible to find.

To make an investment return. Since the early 1980's many top 'blue chip' wines have outperformed stock indexes and have proved to be a wise investment. The other advantage is that wine is considered a wasting asset (meaning that it meant to be consumed within 50 years) and is therefore not liable to capital gains tax

Taste and buy wines you enjoy.

Unless you’re buying purely for investment there is little reason to purchase cases of Ch Lafite Rothschild from Bordeaux or Sassicaia from Tuscany if it is a style of wine you do not particularly enjoy.It is essential to taste often and widely to learn what you like and to avoid expensive errors.

Have a budget in terms of money you want to spend and amount of wine you want to buy.One can start a wine collection with a modest lump sum or in monthly installments of at least £100 per month.You may choose to wait and purchase when the right wine comes along.

If you have any questions concerning wine collecting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.